Welcome to the page from PA40EFR/J, the information page to celebrate 40 years of JOTA by the national Fellowship PA3EFR/J

We are a Venture Scouts group, who puts up a JOTA station every year at a different location.

As the combination of being a amateur radio operator and a Scout at the same time is a rare bread, we came up with the idea many years ago, to put up a station for a group that never did the JOTA before. In 2022 we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary!

Over the last 40 years we have visited several Scout groups in the Netherlands, but also in Germany. We have been helping out HB9S in Geneva, and built up many other (commemoration) stations throughout Europe.

In October 2022 we will built a huge station and invite all that have participated in our stations. A reunion!
Of course the accent is on making QSO's and let Scouts (of all ages) at the radio, but we will also dig up memories and good stories from the last 40 years. Hopefully with many former participants!

The station will be built up and ready to use in the 3rd full weekend of October, as that is the date every year for the Jamboree on the Air.
We want to have the station operational from 14 till 16 October 2022, for three full days!

Main driver of this event (and also holder of the callsign) is Erwin, PA3EFR . For more info if required one can also email the Event Secretary Ramon Mones, PD1RJM, for more info; pa40efr"at"gmail"dot"com

This page will be updated regularly with new info.
Per date 18th November 2020:

A QRZ.COM page has been created for the Radio Operators among us. See the website for details.
We still have some gaps in the contact information of the groups we visited. In case you can assist us feel free to contact us via Ramon or Erwin (see above).