Per date 19th October 2022:

The JOTA Reunion has finished, most of the equipment found it's way back to the owners and it is time to close the event with some impressions (internal report), images and financial settlements.

It was certainly a JOTA with highlights, one of which I would certainly like to mention here. Richard Middelkoop, PA3BAR, was presented the Australian Silver Kangaroo for his outstanding and long-term support of the international JOTA JOTI event as WOSM ambassador. Our JOTA station functioned as decor for this presentation by the International Commissioner Scouting Nederland, Joost van Daele. Richard his entire family was present as well as some international participants of our JOTA station. A big WELL DONE, Richard.

On to the next events for the Plusscouts of PA3EFR/J, which include a JOTA station in 2023 on German soil as it stands today.

The results from the logbook N1MM application is exported to a so called ADIF file (containng all the nitty gritty QSO-details) and fed into a Logbook Analysing program from URL :

The map output is shown here, where you can zoom in via the "right click -> open image in a new tab" procedure.

Per date 4th October 2022:
Only a week to go and most of our equipment is ready for transport.
Feel free to contact pa40efr @ gmail dot com if there is anything you require, you feel you missed or for constructive advise :-)
Hope to hear you on the amateur radio bands, where ever in the world you are. Good Scouting and Guiding from all of us.
Per date 21 September 2022:
More and more groups start to realize that JOTA is within a few weeks. On Facebook the odd request for HAMs pass by and we suggest to them to get started now for JOTA 2023. We think that a JOTA is not organized within two weeks of the event. Unless you have your own operators and equipment....
With that, those who are prepared, ask for the Participation Map with their logo and compass circles. So we provided them with the actual map for their group.
Packing also started soon as other event will take place between now and the JOTA (such as the Duinenmars).

Per date 30th August 2022:
We had our crew meeting last night to furthermore get into the details of the upcoming JOTA Reunion. As a result we decided (for instance) to go for the Space Cruiser from And as we are going to solder these kits together we made a one-page instruction in Dutch and English for the participants to use while soldering.
If there is a need for other groups to obtain this instruction, feel free to send a mail to pa3efr at gmail dot com.
We mentioned it before: if you would like to see the pictures in full size use the right-click method to open the image in a new tab.

For the kids it is very handy to actually see the result of the kit on paper. They can easily compare their parts with the picture to see where these items have to be placed.
It is for that reason we produced a poster, which is normally hanging in the room where the kids do the soldering. Nice for decoration purposes, while useful for instructions.
And then there the never ending effort to produce our own participation map (size A0) in order to see where we can find a station in case we hear them, but an antenna-direction-adjustment has to be made.
Scouting Nederland produces occasionally an overview of registered station but hopefully the number of dots will increase soon, as scouting groups return from their summer vacations and start to realize that JOTA is soon to commence.
Thanks to Thomas, PA3TVV, of our crew, who invested time to get the information on the map.
For this item it also applies: if you would like your own map (with associated group logo, callsign and compass roses) feel free to send an email.
As soon as the registration list is complete we also produce the direction/distance tables, which you can make yourself by following these instructions.
By the end of September we close our shacks to get it packed and shipped for our JOTA. So be in time, and be prepared.

The registration is closed as of 1st July 2022.
We have several individuals and groups registered for the JOTA/Reunion event and the focus is now on preparing the material lists, maps, games, etc.
PA40EFR/J is offically registered with Scouting Nederland and the associated JOTAJOTI team, resulting in a callsign assignment from Agentschap Telecom later in September, thus allowing us to use this special callsign.
In the upcoming summer holidays we are unable to spend time on the JOTA event of October, however, from the Finnish Jamboree we can be heard as OH2S between 15 July and 23 July 2022. We will also tune in for the Summercamp meeting on Echolink and HF. After the Finnish Jamboree we will travel under OH/-, SK/-, LA/- and DL/PA3EFR/M. Via we can be followed as well as the FTM-400 on board our car is equipped with an APRS module.
Per date 1st June 2022:
The WOSM has created a new JOTA badge and we are delighted to notice our crew colours in the background. Well done Kuala Lumpur.
Registration for our event is closing in 4 weeks time. Preparations are ongoing.
Per 7th May 2022:
We have the first registered participants in our databases and it looks like we are going to have some international participants from Germany, USA and Sweden. Welcome all, good luck with preparations and keep in mind: only five and a half months to go.
In the mean time we plan our antenna park and associated radiation patterns of our antennas. Looks like we can cover the earth (and beyond). This is based on the layout of the antennas as shown blow.
Per date 22 April 2022:
Only a week to go before participants can register for the JOTA Reunion. Expected participants travel from Germany, USA and Sweden and from many different places in The Netherlands.
A contact with Scouting Nederland, Department of Communications, has been established for a reporter to join the JOTA. The results are expected to be seen by the end of 2022 in the Dutch Scouting Magazine.
For the occasion Google Sketchup has once been used to produce a Artist Impression of the antenna park and tent layouts. Details for the Material List will be extracted from this video and the crew gets a good idea on the build of the area. Klik on the image to get the video on Youtube.
Per date 20 March 2022:
It has been quiet on this page with news items, but behind the regular scenes the organisation has been busy preparing this big event. The Facebook pages have been regularly filled with pictures from the past. This brings back memories and we are very happy to read responses from potentional participants to the reunion station.
Per date 26th January 2022:
In the last weeks of December 2021 we started to get into details on the how, what and where of the radio station and associated guests we envisioned to stay on site. Tasks are now being distributed, staff members are preparing the next and regular meetings.
The final date for registration is on the 1st July 2022. Information will be announced also via facebook.
Per date 23rd January 2021:

There has been a recce mission this week with the location owners of the site at which the PA40EFR/J station is planned to operate from. With the notes of the meeting Microsoft Sketchup was fired up again to produce a 3D shortfilm of the antanna park, envisioned by Sander, PD9HIX, Bas, PD7BDN and Guido, PD2GWE. This is the basis on which future plans can be staffed.

If you are interested to find out our cunning plans: click on the image on the left and you will be directed to the Youtube uploaded movie of our team.


Per date 2nd December 2020
We introduced a Facebook page for this event, to be found here. The idea is to post last minute information for participants and crew members, but also (as the event is happening) information on frequencies for global HAM Radio Operators in order to find us on the waves.
Per date 18th November 2020:
A QRZ.COM page has been created for the Radio Operators among us. See the website for details.
We still have some gaps in the contact information of the groups we visited. In case you can assist us feel free to contact us via Ramon or Erwin (see above).