Pile-Up Control System: how do you control the incoming requests for QSO's of eager operators?

OM Barry, PC1K, heard our challenge and in a very short time helped us set up a Pile-Up Control System (PUCS). Working the system shown below is very simple:

1. If there is an empty field available: type your callsign and press Submit.

2. Your call will be called by our team and after we have logged your call in QRZ.com, your call will disappear from the screen and open up a new empty field

With this system we will keep pile-ups more manageable.

The SES logbook:


Our upcoming Special Event Station is with callsign:

PF 24 GP

Clicking on the image will bring you to the QRZ.com page for detailed information.

This SES is valid for 2 punten of the 

Dutch Radio Scouting Award

















PUCS behind the scenes:

(right click to open inmage in new tab)