This site is dedicated to GeoCaching and helps you to log my coins, which I did hide in several places in the world.

To help you furthur investigating the world of GeoCaching I would like you to have a glance at Especially the maps are interesting. A map view of my living area in The Netherlands can be found here.

Please, realize that geocaches are placed everywhere in the world, at different altitudes (including at the side of rocky caves), in difficult areas (waterfalls) as well as in seemingly easy areas (downtown London). For sure all caches have had thoughtfull owners and as hunters you get to places others won't even think about.



Caches have different sizes. For the larger one it is common to have the option to place a small article in it and take one out. Thus creating a dynamic content of those caches.

To add an extra dimension to geocaching people place trackeable items in the caches. Most common are the so called travel bugs and coins with unique numbers.

I myself created four coins with unique numbers. I registered them for free with The numbers are:

GK4EE9 with tracking code 2VVCLW (Thalia),

GK4EE8 with tracking code BVWRGL (Lianne),

GK4592 with tracking code D7BTRQ (PD1EHO) and

GK4591 with tracking code QQ5Z8G (PA3EFR) .

In case you found one of these coins, please log them with this site. You need the above mentioned tracking code for logging the cache. Thanks in advance.

Other useful links for GeoCaching:

- Wikipedia about this subject (dutch)

- Geocaching map (after logging in)

Have fun, explore the world and be happy if you find a cache.