100 Years of Scouting Nederland - HAM Radio Award


Scouting Nederland celebrates it's 100 years of existance. Via HAM Radio a special award can be obtained. The following text is a free interpretation of the dutch outlined rules by Erwin, PA3EFR, on request from Jochen, DK8ZM.

1. The award runs from 1 January 2010 to December 31, 2010

2. Applications for the award can be forwarded up to December 31, 2011

3. To apply for the award one should collect 100 points through QSO's with the following stations:

* PA100BP

* PA100SN
* PA100JAM

* PA100J


4. The number of points per worked station and each station can be different each time. The number of points are announced during the QSO. Also find the number of points in the proposed agenda http://award.jota-joti.nl

5. By special callsign claimed points can only happen once, regardless of the different periods of the year, or with various additions (/ P / M and / or / J).

6. Communication can be made on all bands and all modes. Communication through a repeater, EchoLink, tropo, Meteorscatter and/or the moon are also permitted.

7. Amateur-listeners may also participate.

8. There is no restriction on participation for stations inside or outside the Netherlands. (That is the main reason I translated this page)

9. Transmitters and listening stations from outside the Netherlands are welcome to participate for this award. They should however include sufficient euros or U.S. dollars to add to the postage of their self-addressed envelope.

10. The award itself consists of a certificate and a matching badge. The number of badges was initially 250

11. After providing the 250 awards and badges the organization has the right to send awards without a badge.


PA100BEVER, PA100WELP, PA100SCOUT, PA100EXPLO and PA100ROVER by several amateur on different days, different times and from different locations activated.

PA100BP will be active during several weekends thoughout the year (see www.QRZ.com and www.PA3EFR.nl) and will provide points during the activation of PA100SLJ and PA100SCOUT.

PA100SLJ will be active during the Sweet Lake Jamboree in Zoetermeer on Saturday 27 March 2010 (see www.QRZ.com). Unfortunately not worth any point for the award (decision 28 March 2010 by award organisation)

Keep an eye/ear on PA100SCOUT which is going to be active during the Dune March on the 10th April 2010.

PA100SN will be active during rural activities (scouts2day, beaver doedag, jongerentak event, etc) .

PA100JAM will be activated during the JOTA-JOTI.

PA100J will be activated during the JubJam.

Not only will PA100JAM be active during JOTA, many more special calls can be heard during this event, such as PA100S. This station is the special call of the PA3EFR/J-crew, hosting JOTA now for 27 years in a row.